Independent Contractors

Build your future with one of the fastest growing bakery operations in the U.S.

The Texas division of Bimbo Bakeries USA is the leading wholesale baker in Texas with the Mrs Baird's brand the leader in white bread, buns, and snack cakes. As a Bimbo independent operator you work with premium brands that are national leaders in their categories, such as Oroweat, Entenmann's, Thomas', and Boboli, in addition to the Hispanic brands Bimbo, Marinela, and Tia Rosa.

These quality brands give BBU's Independent Operators the opportunity to build solid equity in their businesses.Interested?

Listed below are some of the questions that might help you decide. If you want to take the next step, contact a Bimbo Bakeries USA Distribution Representative or IO Services Group at 800-259-7610.

How Does It Work?
You purchase the exclusive right to distributed products in a specific territory. You must meet credit requirements and have a valid driver's license. Delivery vehicles are available for lease or purchase.We Can Help! We may be able to assist you in finding third party financing for the purchase cost and a percentage of the down payment.

What Is Needed Besides Money?
Besides an adequate delivery vehicle, you must also have insurance and a suitable handheld computer. And, yes, we may be able to assist you in arranging the proper coverage and obtaining the handheld computer. We can also give you resources for the following:

  • Leasing or purchasing of a delivery vehicle.
  • Membership in DSA (an independent operator third party firm) that provides a variety of services for Independent Operators.

What About Income?
Your sales are based on customer service. The better service you provide and the more you work with your retail customers, the greater your income. We also have experienced local management who are available to assist you in maximizing your territory's sales. In addition, we support our products through TV advertising (in certain areas), newspaper coupons, and price promotions. We also provide display pieces to our IOs.

What Does the Business Involve?
Each morning you load your truck at our depot with product which you have ordered. You then visit each store on the route, delivering fresh premium baked goods, rotate the shelf stock with the new, and remove the product which is out of code. Records for each store are entered into a handheld computer, which assists you in determining the correct product amounts to order and other information. Upon completion of the route, you return the out of code product to our depot.

Are There Other Costs?
Yes. As with any business there are costs, including a preventive maintenance program for the handheld computer and printer. We sell the products to you and you, in turn, sell them to the stores. But don't worry, we can take care of the billing for most chain accounts. You also deal directly with any account you wish on a cash basis.

When Do I Work?
Although you set your own schedule, it largely depends on the sales area as to which days per week you work based on bakeries' schedules and customers' demands. Generally, some areas work M, T, Th, F, S and others work M, T, W, Th, and F.

Is this a Job with Bimbo Bakeries USA?
No, you are an IO distributing products produced by BBU. You are not an employee. You own your own business. Your success will depend on your own effort, enthusiasm, and sales ability.

What About Vacations and Sick Days?
Since this is your own business, you will need to properly cover the route during your absence. This means a qualified person must operate the route when you are not present.

What if I Want to Sell the Route Later?
You certainly can sell the route. The value is dependent on the weekly sales. As you build them up, the route value increases.

How Do I Find Out More?
For more information please contact IO Services Group at 800-259-7610.